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Rich of an experience of more than 10 years in the event industry, the autodidact Chef Elliott Van de Velde gets to work with some of the key figures of gastronomy in Brussels (Isabelle Arpin, Yves Mattagne, Charles Kaisin). As he evolves through the culinary world and handles the events of those Chefs, Elliott develops its own intuitive cuisine and approach to a new kind of durable gastronomy . Organizing the first cooking events under his own name, he defines its own touch which is highly influenced by its willingness to cook the ingredients in a 360 degrees approach (no waste, full taste).

In 2018, having faced at many occasions the problematic of food waste in B2B businesses, he creates with his life partner, Adeline Barras, a non-profit organization aiming at fighting food waste and precarity, Hearth Project. What started as ad hoc events, cooking food surplus for the profit of other non- profits (Doctors without Borders for ex.), started to grow tremendously during Covid, during which precarity had risen and food surplus as well. 

Two years down the road, having saved more than 300 tons of food and served 200K meals, opening Entropy Restaurant and stabilizing the social activities for Hearth Project in one place was just the natural thing to do. 

In this space you will discover Elliott’s intuitive & authentic cuisine, as a new chapter to which we ask you, with our team, to contribute. 

Everybody can be a changemaker, starting with you !