Discovery 6 courses menu

85 € pp. The menu changes regularly according to the Chef's moods and the market arrivals.
  • Beetroot

    Beet trimmings & smoked ricotta
  • Mushroom

    Work around mushrooms from ECLO
  • Squash

    Squash, Salmon Trout & Lentils
  • Celery root

    Celery root, Glasswort & Mussels
  • Cheese Discovery (+10€)

    A work of reflection around a beer and a cheese to make you discover other horizons.
  • Malt

    Malt, Chartreuse, Buckwheat
  • The Orchard

    Honey, Nectarine & Mirabelle


  • The Complete Harmony

    60€ or 50€ (non-alcoholic version)
  • The undecided harmony

    40€ or 35€ (non-alcoholic version)
  • The little harmony

    35€ or 25€ (non-alcoholic version)
  • Entropy Water

    We filter our own water to ensure quality and circularity. In this respect, we ask you to contribute €5 for unlimited consumption of still and sparkling water!

Specific Diets

  • Allergies, Vegan & Veggies

    We have a vegetarian option on request. If you have any other comments, please mention them when making your reservation.