• Elliott Van de Velde

    Elliott Van de Velde

    Chef & co-founder of Hearth & Entropy
    Shining glasses. Tableware installed. The kitchen starts to open, and with this the ingredients Elliott and his team have selected come to life. The cuisine of Entropy Restaurant is of an intuitive kind, as the Chef Elliott Van de Velde likes to adapt its creations to the surrounding world and seasonal changes. Treating food surplus and traditional waste as delicacies and fine products. Like an explorer of the senses. Testing, trying, gathering feedback, surprising its guests, making them discover new tastes and products. Spontaneity as a mean for creation, dedication and perseverance in the way the meals come to life.This creativity feeding our minds and bodies in order to make us all more aware of our environment is the way we interpret Entropy in essence.
  • Adeline Barras

    Adeline Barras

    Co-Founder of Entropy & Hearth
    Adeline is the co-founder of Hearth Project & Entropy Restaurant, a real girl boss ! Working in the corporate world for more than 10 years, it was when she met Elliott Van de Velde that Adeline decided to contribute to a project focused on circularity and social precarity. What she likes is to find effective solutions to entrepreneurial challenges but above all to make a difference and to push others to be actors of our change.

The team

  • Eugénie


    Eugénie joined the team even before we moved to Place Saint-Géry and has been contributing to the Entropy project since the beginning (depending on when you place the beginning because it has been a very long way!) Eugénie is also the one who writes these lines because she is our communication manager when she is not waiting tables! Attentive and devoted, I will be happy to explain you our project and actions that we undertake via our ASBL Hearth Project.
  • Sébastien


    Sébastien is our research and development chef and is passionate about fermentation! After working as a sous-chef at Brut Food, Sébastien joined our team of cooks to develop the fermentation part of our project. This axis is added to the fight against food waste that we are working on! Cheerful and always available, you will surely come across him in the main room where he likes to explain with passion his fermentations to curious clients.
  • Milan


    Milan recently joined us as our sommelier and restaurant manager. His many years of experience in the restaurant and natural wine environment are an effective complement to the synergy of our restaurant. With his sense of detail and analysis, he will know how to guide you in choosing the right wines to accompany your dishes! Let yourself be surprised by the originality of his selection of sakes, wines and other living drinks.
  • Bachir


    Bachir occupies one of the key positions in a kitchen: commis-plongeur ! Elliott met him at the social restaurant "Les Uns et Les Autres", an initiative organised by the local mission of Molenbeek (Brussels) which aims at socio-professional reintegration while offering low-income people the opportunity to eat at democratic prices. The social axis of this project and the profession of cooking led Bachir to follow Elliott in his adventures and this is why we opened the doors of our restaurant to him!
  • Eva


    Eva took part in the adventure to improve her cooking skills and play a role in a sustainable project. She manages part of the social side of our association and at the same time evolves in the rigour that gastronomy requires! Eva is from the Ardennes and lived on the island of Reunion where she moved to learn cooking, her passion since she was a child. Her thirst for learning and her positive spirit led us to welcome her to our project.
  • Elsa


    Elsa's presence is particularly significant! Let us explain... Elsa is one of the warriors who cooked for organisations in need during the COVID-19 pandemic within our association Hearth Project. Elsa knew a team of more than 50 volunteers who sometimes cooked thousands of meals for different missions (Red Cross, Doctors without Borders, L'Ilot, Kamiano, ...) in a fiery atmosphere! A real woman chef who is not afraid of the cold! After running a restaurant on her own in parallel with her food influence activity, Elsa is back this time in our gastronomic kitchen to pursue her desire to contribute to a project that moves her. We are happy to welcome her back after all these years of loyalty!