Welcome to Entropy

And the story began with "why not".

Inviting you to a place of memories and life stories: far from everything and close to everything. A place that conveys the essence of each moment these past few years shaping my creativity, where my most intriguing ideas grow and others fade away, where I like to welcome my friends and family, where my table is yours and my dishes, a reflection of my intuitive cuisine.

Critical thinking and another view at the world that surrounds us.

Entropy, or how energy arises from apparent disorder, creating the order of tomorrow.

That’s also how this restaurant concept was born; with one objective in mind: Sublimate products and unsold goods sometimes neglected, often thrown away.

Offering my creativity to these left-overs and their revalorization in the hands & skills of my atypical & passionate team.

Our goal at Entropy is to show you that sustainability and beauty can go hand in hand. And that this approach is within anyone's reach.

From pure intuition, nurtured with plural inspirations. A plant-based journey with a touch of iodine. A cuisine which aims at being the interpretation of my words and my time spent with you.

But also a focus on the choice of producers. The fight against waste, for more proximity and sustainability are the common denominator within the restaurant, from design to the plate. The choice of furniture, supplies and equipment have been have been made mainly in collaboration with Belgian companies, each of them being an example of circularity at its own scale.

Finally, Entropic energy 7is also the one which generates heat out of particles collisions.

Our particles, at Hearth Project, the non-profit organization behind Entropy restaurant, are also very eager to move and collide so to defend a more equal order within our society . The profit generated by the restaurant is used to finance cooked meals out of surplus food for associations that help people facing food precarity in Brussels. On behalf of our partners, we thank you for enabling them to serve dignified and nutritious meals for all.

Thank you for walking through our door and reading these lines.

From now on we invite you to let go and accept to be guided through this culinary journey. My team will be happy to take you there.

Elliott, Adeline, Eugénie, Milan, Sébastien, Eva, Elsa, Bachir & Aram