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Entropy : a sustainable approach awarded with Good Food label

Entropy is a GoodFood certified restaurant, with a sustainable approach in all its forms and a gastronomic angle right in the heart of Brussels.

The products

Right in the centre of Brussels, chef Elliot Van de Velde and his team from the world of Michelin-starred restaurants invite you to discover their intuitive and thoughtful gastronomic universe. Entropy Restaurant, or how energy born of disorder creates the order of tomorrow.

Entropy is more than just another restaurant. It is a place of sharing, circularity and anti-waste in all its forms. Because nature offers so much beauty, Entropy wants to honour it and harness the full potential of the products that enter it. It is primordial for Entropy to collaborate with passionate people who bring local products to their full potential and who also think about how to work intelligently for the future.

The approach

Entropy Restaurant is the gastronomic arm of the non-profit organisation Hearth Project, which has been fighting against food waste and social vulnerability since 2019. The approach is based on 3 complementary areas of action: food waste prevention, social impact and training and education. To make as many people as possible aware of these topics, they bring all their actions together in one place. All Entropy's profits are paid to Hearth Project.