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Bocuse d'Or

This year, Chef Elliott Van de Velde has decided to take on a new challenge. Why not be a coach? And what's more, in the prestigious Bocuse d'Or competition!

But first of all... What is the Bocuse d'Or? Created in 1987 by Paul Bocuse, the Bocuse d'Or is one of the most important cooking competitions in the world. The competition takes place every 2 years, and each country organises a competition to elect the candidate who will be sent as its representative. He or she will first represent his or her country at the European Final in March 2024 in Norway, before possibly representing his or her country at the Grand Final in Lyon in January 2025.

This year, the Belgian jury was made up of 24 chefs with over 40 Michelin stars!

Elliott accompanied Chef Therance Dalpez, with whom he shared the values of locality, sustainability and seasonality. There's no question of impressing the jury with products that aren't in season!

Originally from Belgium but now based in the Seychelles, Therance will spend 5 and a half hours defending his place in the kitchen against 2 other candidates who are also dreaming of winning the title.

Ballotines of Coucou de Maline with scallops, accompanied by a tartlet of butternut, tapioca and mushroom garnish. This was one of the recipes presented by our candidate in this year's competition.

Compared to Therance, who remained very relaxed, Elliott showed a little more stress just a few days before D - DAY. But what a great adventure it was to be challenged and coached. The whole team was behind him to encourage and support them on this big day. They finished third in the competition, and can be proud of how far they've come!